Plu-Ton in ball bearing form (left), and Plu-Ton in true form (right).

Series, Code:

Series I, #01006

Spirit Within:

Plutonium-Core Cyber Protector


Knowledge, Enlightenment



Plu-Ton is a blue and gray plutonium-powered robot bodyguard. He was once a royal bodyguard for Veranga.


A plutonium core in the operation cylinder of this one-time royal bodyguard made this protector nearly invincible. Since Demi-Queen Veranga was kidnapped by villians, Plu-Ton searches for her in and out of the dimension. He must also track down more plutonium for his depleted energy core. With each race victory, he feels closer to Veranga, but the competition further expends his plutonium level guard

Pluton is gonna be in the all new Dagedar movie created by Quinn Pech... so get tickets ready its gonna be a really cool movie.


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